Handmade from the freshest natural ingredients!

Truly invigorating drinks based on the most potent of ancient power herbs: ginger. Sourced locally and made with more passion than you can poke a fire-twirling stick at, their products are the perfect elixir to go with your pre-yoga power salad, after-school boost or post-night-out bacon and egg burger. Afterall, part of chilling out is energising-up and Ginger Necktar’s range is all about distilling the best of Byron’s feel-good vibes into a refreshing drink that’s beneficial for your body and your soul.

Original Ginger Necktar

Flavoured with lemon, honey and a big punch of ginger! Perfect for those who like big flavour, a refreshing taste or those in need of settling an upset tummy. Free from processed sugars or chemical nasties.

375ml, 1l & 2l

Cranberry & Ginger Necktar

Still has that great gingery zing, but is tempered with freshly juiced cranberries for a milder taste. This is perfect for those who want to ease into the health benefits of ginger, without being overwhelmed with herby punch.

375ml, 1l & 2l