Baristas and coffee lovers know that Bonsoy is frothable like no other. Not everyone can handle the heat. Fact: Bonsoy won’t change its flavour profile when heated. it’s the perfect canvas for latte art and creamy coffee because it stretches further.

Better for you, since before (most of you) were born. Bonsoy's commitment to quality, all-natural soy milk hasn’t changed.

Bonsoy has been doing it better since ’83. While health fads come and go, and those hitching onto the vegan/health train have well and truly left the station, their commitment to quality, all-natural soy milk hasn’t changed.

Bonsoy's all-natural almond milk is made using roasted almond paste. (Basically, it’s the good stuff, that’s really good for you).

You can put your mind to rest about questionable ingredients and unnatural nasties. Nothing artificial and 100% vegan.

With a light flavour profile that holds when heated, and a natural nutty almond fragrance, it’s the perfect pairing for whatever you’re blending. And boy, does it love to froth!